• 2-4 player competition, just like Twister
  • Neverending and randomized gameplay
  • Super duper easy to learn, even grandpa can play
  • The game is designed so that you can tweak rules and handicap around the table
  • Cute and crazy japanese shouting ninjas
  • Did I meantion the ninjas?


A more traditional take on gaming, made to bring friends and family together.

Ninja Fingers is perfect for bringing people together, whether it’s your friends and family or you just want to break the ice at a party. What, did you really bring your iPad to a party? You can be of any age, skill and mindset since you make your own rules. It’s designed for 2-4 good friends, and involves touching hands.

Ninja Fingers is about being quicker and more limber than your opponent(s). Pick your favorite ninja marker with your finger. The game starts as soon as 2 or more players have done this. Your goal is to place your fingers on the displayed markers. When you reach the maximum of three markers, old ones will dissappear to make room for new ones. You win by reaching your markers and preventing your opponents to reach theirs. If you are the first in a round to touch all of your markers, you make it difficult for your opponents to reach theirs since your hand is in the way, also your new marker will be the first to pop up next round giving you a small head start.